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Wreck-It Ralph: Fix-It Felix Jr.


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Based off the 2012 hit movie Wreck-it Ralph this set is an arcade cabinet of Fix-It Felix Jr.! Fix-It Felix Jr. is the game that Ralph, Fix-It Felix, and the Nicelanders are from. The front of the model includes the game's screen, buttons/joystick, and a coin acceptor. The back of the model features a version of the Nicelander's tower with many details. the Nicelander's  tower and the game Fix-It Felix Jr. were important settings in the film. This set would include Ralph, Fix-It Felix, Vanellope von Schweetz, 2 Nicelanders and Sergeant Calhoun (concepts for figures will be added in the future). The Ralph figure shown in the main picture uses an existing big fig piece (element 6288633) and the Felix figure uses standard minifigure pieces and a cap piece. This set includes 850 pieces and would be a great for any Wreck It Ralph fan or arcade fan!

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