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Mobile Phone Stand

This is a phone stand to allow hands-free use of your mobile phone. I was inspired by this idea as I do not have a phone stand, but often found myself wanting to watch a video while working with my hands. I have now produced 3 of these for myself and family members, because they saw how well it works. The dimensions are 5" long by 3 1/4" wide. When folded down it is only 3/4" thick which makes it very easy to pack in a bag to take it on the go. It has a sturdy design and there have been no issues with any of the models breaking. 

It is designed so that you can adjust the angle of the phone to meet your needs for better viewing. The back is open so that no matter what model mobile phone you have, the speakers will not be blocked. You can charge your phone easily even while using the stand. Future modifications are possible and the color scheme can be easily changed to meet personal tastes. This is a fun way to meet a practical need while demonstrating your affinity for LEGO.

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