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Little Cafe


      Hello everybody! This is my Little Cafe. I built this set for a LEGO Town that my cousins and I were building, and it turned out to be really cute, so I decided to put it on LEGO Ideas.

      This cafe has a nice kitchen that contains, a oven, a small refrigerator, baking supplies, baked goods, mugs and a tea pot used for coffee. The cafe has three tables that can seat two people each, and are decorated with flowers. The set also comes with two minifigures. The cafe has an upper level for seating, we’re customers can look over the city, and feel the breeze as they sip their coffee. Out in the front the cafe there is a small yard with a flower bed. Now, the cafe does not have a door because I wanted to have a curved frame, and I only have rectangle doors. I hope you like this set as much as I do, and I hope y’all will support it.


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