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Via Ferrata to Mount Morben 3099mt

My LEGO set is designed to represent a mountain adventure with friends, and it is inspired by the Italian alpine ways of iron which, reaching the most beautiful peaks of the Alps, offer us sheer thrills. It is possible to notice that in the setting there are some details which remind the typical Italian high-mountain landscape; an example might be the "Camp/Bivacco" in red, used to take shelter during high-attitude trails, or the Tibetan bridge, which is the distinctive feature of the Vie Ferrate.

Despite the location invented, like the Monte Morben, I built this LEGO set because it reminds me of the adventures that me and my friends seek every summer and these adventures are characterized by a packed lunch and a climbing day trip to conquer the summit.

I think that it would be a great LEGO set as it represents an intense adventure characterized by a climbing trail immersed in a wild high-mountain atmosphere, all connected with a strong friendship where everybody is more than willing to help out to conquer the summit of the mount Morben. 

* Any locations are purely imagined

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