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Mobile Bicycle Repair Shop


(First off, if you are judging by the thumbnail, it is blurry for some reason, but my real main image is clear.)

This minifigure is a traveling bicycle mechanic, and he has a toolbox, tools and a bycicle pump to fix old bicycles with. He travels in his truck, which serves as his mobile shop/garage. His truck has opening doors with windows, opening back doors, a bit of suspension, a working automatic parking brake, a removable roof for convenience, and is overall very sturdy. One of the bicycles he is fixing is included. It is as realistic as I could make it, but I have not worked out how to make a minifigure ride it yet. It is fully functional: it has a connected, turning front wheel and handle bars, a turning back wheel, a tiny drive chain, and a seat. 

I made this becaue I believe the Lego Company really should start building more mechanically detailed models, even if they use unconventional methods to do it.

This creation includes a significant model: the giant, sturdy, gray truck that is in the main and detail pictures. The main picture shows the entire Lego model: the truck, the mechanic, the bicycle, the bike pump, the tools, and the toolbox. The picture is as crisp and clear as I can do with a small, digital camera, and is against a neuteral background. I am not a rich AFOL; I have neither time nor money to make large, appealing models that I can photograph with a fancy camera to get stunning pictures. This, my humble creation, is the best I can do with my resources.

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