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Old Time Airlines


                                                                                       Old Time Airlines

Let's go back to a time when air travel was a more elegant experience. When people put on their best clothes and the service was always curtious. I present to you Old time Airlines!

This fine 5 engine bi-plane holds 21 minifigures inside. There are 5 crew memebers and room for 16 passengers. The set comes with 7 passengers. The crew consists of pilot, co-pilot, 2 stuardesses, and a bartender.

The gondolas on the wings hold 4 passengers each. They would be classed as coach seating. The main fuselage would be first class.

There is one table where you can have a drink on the observation deck. There you can look out windows that are by your feet to view below, or up high and have views of the sky. At night the deck is illuminated by beautiful chandelers. Both of the gondolas and the fuselage are accsessable by a hatch which folds down in each conpartment. Also the flaps move up and the tail rudders actuate as well. The roof is easily removable to get the minifigures in and out.

Another feature of this aircraft is that it is modular and you can have multipule wing configurations. You can remove the gondolas and have a more conventional design if you would like. The fuselage, gondolas, left and right wings and the centre wing sections are all seperate modules.

This aircraft is completely massive! It comes in at around 2600 peices. I think it is built rugged enough for play and would have good playability

 I hope you enjoy looking at this model. I would much appreciate your support.

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