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Micro Shipwreck 2.0


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This is the micro shipwreck 2.0, the new and improved version of micro shipwreck. Micro shipwreck 2.0 is bigger and has a more creative use of parts. The ship can be removed from the main model to form a boat. You can also take the boat and place it in the water. The main model uses S.N.O.T. to make a nice rocky edge. This creation will look good on any Lego shelf! I made sure to add details in the rocky 'mountains'. The main model is 7 studs wide, 7 studs long, and 7 studs high. The ship itself is 5 studs long, 1 stud wide, and 3 studs high. The water piece is 8 studs long, 4 studs wide, and 2 studs high.

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