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Life on the Nile

For three-thousand years, Egyptian civilization existed almost unchanged. A Kingdom ruled by a Pharoah, centered around the great River Nile. Along it’s banks were large towns and small farms. Traders and travelers went up and down the water on boats made from woven papyrus, sharing the stream with hippos and crocodiles. All was orderly and just, as was the way of Ma’at.
And so was Life on the Nile for over three-thousand years.
The set contains a tiny patch of the Nile shoreline, embedded with dark fertile soil deposited by the yearly floods. A crocodile bathes in the sun next to the crops of a common farmer. His modest hut contains a simple bed and a few pots, with the day’s catch drying in a barrel just outside.
He has his sights set on the river as it’s traversed by a boat of woven papyrus. The Pharoah is sitting back, touring his Kingdom and his subjects. While his rower moves them gracefully through the water.
This set offers a small snapshot into that life in a customizable form. Great decoration for the shelf of any enthusiast wishing to have a piece of history, or any proud Egyptian wanting to celebrate their heritage.
You can help bring this history back to life by supporting this set!

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