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The Armored Siege Tower

I'm back with another medieval build. I hope that you enjoy "The Armored Siege Tower".

This is the first siege tower I have made. I based it off of the siege towers in LOTR, but there are a few differences. 

As you can see in the pictures above, this tower possesses two levels, the first containing an armory and a staircase leading to the next level. On the top level, there is a panel that hinges, allowing for more accessibility to the top. Of course, there is a large door that folds down to bridge between an enemy wall and the siege tower. In addition to this, the side panels of the siege tower can be removed for more accessibility to the inside.

Let's talk a little about the wall. I put half cylindrical pieces on the face of the wall, which I thought gave it some nice detail. Also, I put snow on the wall giving it a touch of winter.

That's it! Thanks for reading y'all! 😊

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