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Classic-Style Rainbow ๐ŸŒˆ

How would you like an awesome colorful backdrop for your LEGO scenes featuring the outdoors? Or, regardless of other LEGO sets, how would you like a cheerful decoration for your home or office? This rainbow model can fulfill both of these wishes!

The colors used for this rainbow model's arch are [1] red, [2] orange, [3] yellow, [4] bright green (or lime), [5] sky blue (medium azure), [6] regular blue (which is actually dark enough to serve as indigo for a bright rainbow), and [7] dark purple (violet). At the arch's two ends/'feet', there are translucent colored pieces. This rainbow model radiates so much color that it is vividly eye-catching -- like a real rainbow!

The chromatic design of this rainbow model comprises approximately uniform-width half-circle bands of colors. These bands of colored pieces appear like curves in the same way that bands of small colored elements in mosaics, in digital images, and in many LEGO creations appear like curves. The structural design of this arch is old-fashioned/classic for LEGO, using only bricks and plates, but it is designed carefully, e.g. ensuring that the arch's flat surfaces are smooth by avoiding 1x1 pieces whose corners could protrude, and avoiding vertical cracks along the arch's outer/top edge or inner/bottom edge. The studs along the outer/top edge and the translucent pieces at the 'feet' make the arch seem wispy, and the arch's thinness helps it seem ethereal.

This model measures approximately 12 inches tall, 15.7 inches wide, and 2.8 inches thick, i.e. approximately 30.6 cm tall, 40 cm wide, and 7.2 cm thick. This rainbow model should appear to a LEGO minifigure similarly to the way that a real rainbow appears to a real person: high up in the sky, but ethereal rather than stocky. Of course it is possible to make this rainbow even taller by shifting to larger concentric arcs; but doing that would obviously require more pieces, so deciding this question would depend upon some cost-benefit analysis (which, of course, would be The LEGO Group's prerogative). I'll say that the size which I'm showing here seems large enough to be impressive but small enough to be tractable. Perhaps there could be a very large version of this rainbow set in the category of Ultimate Collector Series -- or perhaps there could be instructions for combining two or more of these rainbow sets to make larger rainbow models (there have been many such 'bonus' LEGO instructions).

Building this rainbow model is straightforward. I found it most convenient to build this model from the top downward, with the arch actually lying flat (so, I was attaching pieces 'sideways'). Building this model is enjoyable because its colors and design make it appear rainbow-ish the whole time!

Even with the nice size and 'ethereality' of this rainbow model, I'm glad to report that it is pretty stable: if you brush against it or knock it hard enough to make it tilt, then it does indeed rock back and forth one or two times, but it ends up standing upright instead of just falling over. This model also stays together fine if you pick it up -- even if you use only one hand and grab it at the top.

Of course, this model could be modified various ways, e.g. using somewhat different pieces (such as the recently provided 1x5 plates) or using somewhat different colors -- maybe fewer of them, as in various LEGO products featuring rainbow patterns. Another possibility is to have the arch extend closer to the ground (the two supports can be transparent 1x2x5 bricks, or the arch can perch on just transparent 4x4 dishes).

Please support creating a LEGO set based on this proposal by pressing the button labeled "SUPPORT" near the top of this page -- and please ask other people to also support this proposal so that the necessary number of supporters (10,000) can be achieved.

Thanks for your consideration! ๐ŸŒˆ

                     "My heart leaps up when I behold a rainbow in the sky" [Wordsworth]

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