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The Great Trebuchet


Here is my working "The Great Trebuchet" model for your consideration.

Some stats:

- ~12" tall

- Projectile range of 5 feet

- 362 pieces for the trebuchet

- 148 pieces for extras

- 4 suggested minifigures

- Minifigure-scale

- New and improved sling!

Suggested bonus features include:

- A senior siege engineer and two lackeys

- A longbowman. I think it would be really cool for his final torso print to be a new design, like a quilted doublet or a tunic design, to reflect his role as an archer.

- Projectiles like stones and flaming barrels, as well as a stretcher for carrying them

- A stash of weapons and tools

- A desk with plans to build the trebuchet. I thought the math might encourage kids to look at math and science in a positive way, much like 21110 Research Institute.

- A basic camp with log seats and a campfire

- A small tent

- Two sets of stakes to surround the camp and protect the minifigures

I really like the older castle lines, especially the Lion Knight/Crusader, Black Falcon, and Black Knight factions. Since Classic Space is getting something of a comeback with Benny, 21109 Exo Suit, Minifig Series 16 Rogue Archer, etc, I thought it would be nice to see updated designs in the Castle line.

The sling is a new cloth LEGO City hammock piece, rather than my previous submission's folded soccer net, and the counter-weight is a 2x6x2 weight commonly used in boat sets. The strings are all cut to standard LEGO lengths.

I was inspired primarily by the trebuchets at both the Middelaldercentret in Denmark and Warwick Castle in England, both of which I was lucky enough to see when I was younger. Not only that, but I have always been interested in siege warfare, and that interest has been supported throughout the years by various movies, books, and video games about the medieval period.

Thank you for looking at my page and considering this project!

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