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Purdue Pete

Purdue Pete is an icon. Since 1940, his diehard passion for all things Purdue has made him a mainstay of Boilermaker culture — a dedication shared by 400,000+ Purdue University graduates all around the world.

This Pete stands 16 inches tall, is made of close to 900 bricks and features Pete’s trusty hammer — a symbol of the strength and determination it takes to be a Boilermaker.

Purdue University fully supports this project and is confident that proud students, faculty, staff, alumni and fans will vote for Pete! If selected, Purdue Pete would become the first collegiate icon to have an official LEGO® set, which could start an exciting new line of university sets for the LEGO® group.

Boiler Up. Show your Boilermaker Spirit. Vote for Pete.
10,000 Votes. 36 Hours. 10/24/2012

I will donate all artist proceeds into a Purdue student scholarship fund.
10/25/2012 (6:05 pm-9,104)

As an AFOL (FFOL) who only recently came out of the dark ages, I want to truly thank LEGO CUUSOO, TLG, Purdue University, the AFOL Community and all the Boilermakers and others who have supported this project so far. If we reach our goal of 10,000, I hope that TLG would view this as the start of a new line of university icons. Each major university has tens of thousands of new students and hundreds of thousands of alumni who would be lifelong supporters and buyers of their university’s icon. These products would not be fads. Additionally, universities have the added advantage of a built-in distribution system at university bookstores and sporting events. On a personal note, if this new line was selected, I would hope that participating universities would donate at least a portion of the sales revenue to support student scholarships. Thanks again for everyone’s support. I look forward to seeing 10,000! I sure wish I could vote!


10/25/2012 8:19 pm Achieved!

Thank you Purdue alumni, faculty, staff, students, and LEGO fans for your support of this project! Thank you for your loyalty to Purdue and showing your pride with your votes! Thank you to LEGO CUUSOO and The LEGO Group for this opportunity!

Boiler Up!!!!


Follow this link to watch the making of Pete:

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