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Minecraft Microworld: Ocean Biome

Hello everyone. Im here to post an idea for an Ocean Biome set idea, for the popular Minecraft set series. As you fellow LEGO-Minecraft fans know, LEGO announced the new Minecraft sets, the Nether, and the Village. Lots of other people have posted these ideas, which have inspired me. So, present, the Ocean Biome. Now, I know that you might be thinking "Oh, not another Minecraft idea". I personally think that Mojang and LEGO could use all the help, support, and inspiration from fans as possible. My idea for a set features: Steve, a Boat, and a Squid. The set also has a cavern underneath. All respect to LEGO and Mojang. Minecraft is owned by Mojang. Thanks guys, please support, and give suggestions. I will add more to the set if requested.

Steve, Squid, and a Boat

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