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Larry Daley Brickhead

Welcome to the American Museum of Natural History. My name is Larry Daley and I am the night guard here. This museum is full of wonders, the type that you have never seen before. In fact, these ones come to life...

This is a Brickhead version of Larry Daley from an iconic film- Night at the Museum. Larry is the night guard at the American Museum of Natural History and is also the main protagonist of the trio of films. I built this Brick head due to my family's love of The Night at the Museum and I saw a gap in the market for this film as there has not been any Lego sets made about this film. I believe that this will make a great Lego set due to the fact that there are a lot of fans of these films and that they are a really amazing trip of films. 

Larry's accessories include his iconic flashlight and walkie talkie. His shirt and tie are made by using the SNOT technique.

I really hope you like my product idea!

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