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Step Well


~~Most of the architectural models I see put forward are either western in origin or are tower buildings of some kind; often they are both. Therefore when I saw a documentary which included an article about Indian step wells I decided to do a model of these fascinating structures. So here is a structure from the east which goes down.

This structure takes inspiration from the step well at Panna Meena Ka Kund, which is close to the Amber Fort at Jaipur in India.

The origins of step wells are as ways to access ground water but they developed to become places important in the social and cultural life of their communities and to be locations for worship and some step wells include a temple in the structure.  Some are extremely intricate and heavily decorated.

In addition to the interesting visual impact of the flow of steps up and down it is interesting to build something in a reverse way to the norm.

This model has 1370 parts plus three mini-figures and the overall area covered is 48x48 with the top of the well having an area the same as a 32x32.baseplate

To learn more about step wells see -

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