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Lego RC Pneumatic Scania Logging Truck


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Rule the woods with this Lego Technic Scania Logging Truck. This truck has well over 2,000 peices and is massive compared to other models, It has many functions, not only is it an RC, but it is also has a very powerful pneumatically controlled grabber arm to pick up the logs. This model has many functions to offer to the buyer. 


All wheels are driven 

6X6 drivetrain

2 speed gearbox 

XL motor to power the model

M motor to steer the model

M motor to power the pneumatic pump 

M motor to turn the crane in the back

Outriggers to stabilize the truck 

Independent suspension on all sides of the truck

Opening doors

Three valves to control the lifting of the arm, arm extension, and raising the arm. 

Thanks for reading, and please comment, follow or even support so it can become a Lego Technic set! 

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