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Archimedes GC-1

The Archimedes GC-1 is a multi-purpose spacecraft designed for traveling between star systems. It is crewed by seven minifigs with an additional space for another two. It has little armament except for one laser cannon turret used for defense against space pirates.

I designed this mainly because I was tired of Lego's six inch long "Command ships" Which consisted of wings and a a cockpit. after waiting several years, I decided to build a ship which actually looked capable of traveling through the galaxy, and here is the result.

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The bridge has a lift-off roof and opening sides. There is a staircase in the hallway that leads down to a storage room, which also has opening walls.

The center section of the ship, from left to right. When you turn the axle(Circled in red), the laser cannon turret also turns.

Four cabins. Each one has two bunks and a small table.

Armory. This is where a spacesuit is stored, as well as defensive weapons in case the ship is boarded.

Galley. This has a stove, oven, food storage cabinets, and one of life's necessity's, (Or so I am told) a coffee machine.

Captains cabin.

Brig. Has a "Energy" sliding door.

Far right. The engine room, covered further down.

The engine room. This is where the main energy generator is located, as well as a viewport which looks out the back of the ship.

A view of the whole ship without the roof.

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