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2 Double-decker coaches


Here is my Second Project, the Double-decker coaches.

These were designed to carry passengers in the DDR in use.

You have 20 seats per car compartment.

Since this model had another intermediate venture into reality, I have thid here omitted since then it would be quite large.

The doors can be posponed until the button for the holder. 

As the roof is built with individual block elements together, the roof can unfortunately only be seperately from and again when passengers are used.

So that the car comes well to the curves I made the medium axles per axle mobile. Unfortunately, the couplings of the car ends Starr are so I can not judge whether this may dissolve if the locomotive pulling the curve.

The cars go from the height suitable for V100 East. I have re-elected a width of 8 knobs here.


The control car compartment is slightly different in shape to the front here because the engineer to be able to do something.

He has thus do not interfere with an extra door passenger the train driver. The front has here again Lichtbausteine bar and a white, like the Original. Both of them weighing another tail lighting. On the side i have the white stripes of the DR also installed but as i could not install the Logo I would draw on a decal back.


I hope that this project will be as well supported as my first and there is much interested again. In this sense, a lot of fun at the track and my projects look.



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