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Outfits & Accesories


I think that this would be a great LEGO set. The set in the picture is the Outfits&Accesories set, the first of the LEGO Mall set I am designing. I know a lot of the parts and minifigures and Mitch-matched but I did the best with what I had. I know if this actually became a LEGO IDEAS set then they would use new pieces and minifigures. I think that LEGO could have a whole Mall theme with different stores and minifigures. I know that this will probably not even got 100 supporters but I thought it would be fun to try. : ) I know LEGO encourages us to try out are ideas. Please don’t make fun of my pitiful effort, I know people really but a lot of time and thought into their sets and mine is pretty pathetic.

This set includes: 

5 minifigures and a dog


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