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The Lost World of Lumaria


Hello, fellow builder! I'm back again with yet another ocean build! I hope you enjoy it!

You have probably heard of Atlantis, but I bet you have never heard of the lost world of Lumaria. It was discovered by a team of divers doing ocean research in the Pacific ocean. It was just a normal day as marine biologists, Chuck Reef, Reggie Kelp, and Nate Wake stumbled upon a astonishing sight! The ruins of a long lost world! It was more than just an old sunken castle, which would be exciting enough, but the structures were complex and ornate, testifying to an advanced civilization. But the most spectacular sight of all was a strange glowing light on a pedestal. Was it an energy generator of some kind?

But the divers must beware. There is a great, angry octopus that calls this place home and he isn't about to give up his lair!

What other beasts might be lurking in this place? What else will the divers find in this magnificent ruin? To be continued…

Whenever you're building a model it will always have its challenges, but this one especially did. After spending hours and hours constructing a model composed of over 2,000 pieces on Studio, I found out one day that the file was corrupted! I had no backups😑! So I started all over again and built what you see here. This is generally the same design as the first, but a bit larger. Aside from that, the model was fun to build and I enjoyed trying something new. I angled some of the structures using 4x4 turntables and hinges to give them a more natural look. I coated most of the structures with grey studs, resembling colonies of muscles. I didn't want to add to much vibrancy to the scene, as I thought it would detract from the ruin, but I did make some boulder corals to add some interest. For the kelp, I just used fern pieces for the leaves and hoses for the stem. The octopus was challenging, but fun to make. I think the blue and purple fits it well. The shark-shaped sub was pretty simple to build and didn't contain many pieces. I had the idea that this diving squad only uses marine animal shaped vehicles in their exploration. As the story said, I plan to make following sets off of this theme. I hope you'll join me! Thanks for stopping by!

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