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City Streetcar


Every LEGO city needs a fast and efficient method of transportation, and the City Streetcar is here to take passengers from Point A to Point B in style!

The design is based loosely on the new Toronto streetcars that began servicing customers in late 2014. Built to minifigure scale, the streetcar features:

  • Doors that open on both left and right sides
  • Detailed driver area and lighting elements all around the streetcar
  • Removable roof on all sections for easy play
  • Wheelchair access area at the front of the streetcar
  • Pantograph and trolley pole for power pickup just like the real one!
  • Low floor throughout the entire streetcar for easy rider access

The set is roughly 800 pieces in total, and works with standard LEGO railway tracks. This streetcar will bring a much needed upgrade to any city big or small!

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