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Cloud Cutter Pirate Airship


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YARRR! Climb aboard and sail the skies with Captain Brass and his mechanically enhanced scallywags. The Cloud Cutter has received a few upgrades to run off pure lightning and do battle far above the seas. The mast now acts as a lightning rod, and four poseable wings keep her aloft. The cannon on the deck is usually all it takes to ensure victory, but a weapons rack, a couple of crew 'enhancements', and a ram on the bowsprit help in boarding scenarios. The treasure chest in the captain's cabin is the perfect place to store whatever treasures you find on your high-altitude adventures.

I really really wanted to, and tried to, make the wings flap by turning a wheel, but couldn't figure it out on LDD. As it is, the way the wings attach probably needs a redesign to make them more controllable.

Set comprises 621 pieces, including 3 pirate minifigs. If you like this, check out my other stuff too! I appreciate anyone who wants to Support, Share, or Comment!

Happy Building

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