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Coyote Canyon


Remember back in 1996 when the classic western series hit store shelves? It was a beautiful time and brought us many classics like the legendary Fort Legorado (what a name for a LEGO Western fort). However unfortunally we only ever got one wave of sets for the settlers and one wave for the wonderfully unique and colorful native Americans.


Since then we never really had Western anymore in Lego form, except for one little excursion with the Lone Ranger line. I wondered what the sets would be like if we would've gotten another wave. And after some time with LDD, I can present to you the Coyote Canyon.


This set is the main base of operation for the Coyote gang after being driven out of their original hideout. I wanted to stick to the classic iconic style though, so this set is pretty simple in overall construction, but I think it captures the classic look of the late 90s.


The set includes:

- Eight minifigures: The Coyote gang (Pokerface Sam, Flatfoot Tompson and Black Bart), Sheriff Silver, Daputy Danny, General Armstrong and two cavalry soldiers, as well as three horses.

- A hideout with many different features like a secret gold storage in the BURPs, a falling rope bridge, a firing cannon and a falling boulder as well as lots of interior details (which unfortunally are not really good to see on the pictures, but there is a bedroom, table to play poker on, stolen cash saves and a chimney, as well as a watchtower)

- Some rifles and accessories, dynamite, Pokercards and gold

This was my first moc I'm actually 100 percent happy with, so I made now (months after finishing it) the decision to give it a shot here. It is build on a raised baseplate that unfortunally does neither exist in LDD or which is why I had to build it up from standart pieces bringing the piececount up to 1157 (with the plate as one piece its about 800 pieces) I think it would make a great LEGO set because there are still many western fans out there, who havent gotten any western sets for years. Also it has a lot of playfeatures for kids.

The classic torso prints don't exist in either, which is why there are unprinted torsos, but feel free to check out the old sets if you want to see how the figures actually looked (Fort Legorado for example)

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this one

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