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Lego Batman: The Penguin's Missile Launch

This is my newest Lego CUUSOO project. It is called Lego Batman: The Penguin's Warhead Launch. In this set the Penguin is about to launch a missile at Gotham City. This set has about 338 pieces. I will come with gray-blue suited Batman, the Penguin, and 3 penguin henchmen. It will cost about 35$-40$. I will explain the rest of the details below. I hope you liked it. Please comment and suppot. Thanks!

As you can see there is a small room behind under the platform. It has a table with a fish on it.

This is a picture of the bottom part. It has a gate, 2 giant penguin staues, and alot of ice.

Here is the upper part with 2 machine guns and 2 flick fire missiles. Also the missile obvously.

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