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Racing Seaplane: Supermarine S.6


The Supermarine S.6 was Britain’s winning entrant in the 1929 Schneider Trophy race, piloted by Flying Officer Waghorn at a speed of 328.63 mph (528.88 km/h).

This aircraft was of all-metal construction and powered by the mighty 1,900hp Rolls Royce R engine. The radiator grooves running down the sides of the fuselage were one of several solutions required for cooling such a large power-plant.

The S.6 was designed by R.J. Mitchell, who went on to design the Supermarine Spitfire and it's easy to see how this racing machine would later evolve into the iconic fighter plane.

From a design point of view, it makes an interesting counterpoint to the Macchi M.39. The British machine is all about angular functionality, while the Italian approach is characterized by muscular elegance.

I have shown some shots with the propeller blades attached (for completeness), and some with the blades removed to create a sense of motion.

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