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The Time Machine


Travel through time with The Time Machine!

Simply use the crank to power up the time machine and connect a scene from any historical or fictional event that comes to mind!

This 735 piece set would include a prehistoric scene, a futuristic scene, and a time machine scene. 

Prehistoric Scene (213 pcs)

The prehistoric scene includes a caveman and cavewoman. The cave itself has a detachable roof, allowing for a view of the cave paintings on the wall (a caveman and a horse). A nearby pond also allows the cavemen to fish for food.

Futuristic Scene (186 pcs)

The futuristic scene includes a vacuuming robot and a futuristic couple. Other features include a holographic TV, a flying car, a wall decoration, a teleporter, and a food printer machine.

Time Machine Scene (336 pcs)

The time machine scene includes a scientist along with many disheveled papers and experiments. Also included are a chalkboard, a power generator, and a return device that the scientist can use to get back home. As previously mentioned, the time machine also includes a crank that turns a clock and spins a chain around the time "vortex," which powers it up.

This would make a perfect LEGO set, as its versatility would allow builders to create new scenes from any time period they can think of. From a medieval scene to an egyptian scene to a wild west scene, the possibilities are endless!

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