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BrickTop PC


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Introducing the BrickTop PC, the latest masterpiece in Stud_Nerd98's popular NerdTech Series!

Created solely as a LEGO Ideas project, this brick-built laptop is the sleekest, smoothest, and one of the most realistic laptops on the site. It is constructed with over 900 bricks, and is 23.6 studs x 33 1/6 studs x 9 1/6 bricks, and weighs only 1.46 lbs. The laptop's hinges are built just right, so that there's enough friction to keep the laptop closed or open, but not too much so that it's easy to open, revealing the features inside. The fully customizable screen has plenty of space to build whatever images you want, the printed and custom-colored keys are actually pressable (via the incredibly clever use of rubber bands), the mousepad has two buttons and a scroll bar, there are two speakers, and 7 extra buttons toward the top. On the outside, you can place the included brick-built thumbdrive in the snap-in USB ports, or place your headphone connection in either of the headphone jacks.

The model is full of tricky techniques and building styles that could put any builder to the test. The most difficult part is suspending 33 rubber bands between tiny stud plates, hidden between the keyboard and the 8x16 tiles. Besides all of that, there's quite an assortment of light and dark bluish gray parts, as well as the lettered and numbered 1x1 tiles. The set is perfect for display, honing building skills, and even playing with! If you want all of this, hit the 'SUPPORT' button now!

If you have any suggestions or requests, please share your thoughts in the comment section; I'd love to hear what you think!

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