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Talos - Guardian of the Forbidden Temple

This BrickHeadz is called Talos. He stands guard at the gateway to the forbidden temple. Nobody knows what lies beyond the gates of the temple, nobody has ever been past the gates, and this is how it will remain for centuries to come. Talos is strong, compact and courageous. He knows every corner of the temple he keeps and that is the way it will stay until another guardian is found to take his place.

Inspired by BrickHeadz, I first created the character but although I felt he was a great asset to the BrickHeadz collection he never felt finished. Then I came up with the idea that BrickHeadz need dioramas to tell more of a story. So now I am exploring the possibilities of small stories with interesting dioramas along with character BrickHeadz that compliment the concept.

I hope you will all support this idea because there are many great stories still to tell.

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