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The Tomb of the Unknown King.


Help Tabitha and her friends, reach the tomb of the Unknown King. Where legend states a mystical statue resides.

To reach the tomb Tabitha will need to cross a rickety bridge, that threatens to send explorers falling to their doom into the spiked ravine, where the remains of those who came before her lay. They will need to battle deadly spiders while trying to locate the entrance and if they do... beware traps await those unlucky enough to enter.

My idea has:

  • Tipping bridge 
  • Movable rock entrance
  • Bolder trap
  • Deadly spiders
  • Tabitha-Rose minifigure with various accessories and weapons
  • George, Tabitha's faithful dog
  • Ettiene, the cheeky little monkey.
  • Skeleton explorer

Please see the pictures.

This is not a huge set, but I feel it is just the right size for Tomb Raiding!.

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