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Caparo T1

The Caparo T1 is a road legal F1 car I built as its my favourite car. This car uses a 3.5L Nissan/Infiniti IndyCar V8 tuned by Menard which produces 575hp which is average for a Supercar, but this car weighs ~1,000Kg (1 Ton) less than most supercars as it weighs 470Kg and because of that, it gives the car 1223hp per ton which is twice the amount of a Bugatti Veyron. I built it due to my avid interest into motorsport and because it’s my most favourite car. I added the “1:10.6” billboard to show how fast it went around the Top Gear Test Track, which makes it the fastest road car around the mentioned race track. I believe this should be a great set due to the lack of open wheel road cars like the Atom, Caterham and I would think this might work as it looks unique in my honest opinion

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