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 This is a model of the the lego ideas logo. My creation shows four mini-figs building the logo. Parts of the logo are missing and the mini-figs are working on filling them in. I made the one stud brick (on the right of the logo) bigger to be more proportional with the word "ideas". I think the price range would be $10-$49. This creation was built model on Lego Digital Designer. 

I think it could be used for the following:

  1. display
  2. decoration
  3. it could be taken apart and built into something else
  4. this model could be a source for many plates

Some of the main features of this model are:

  • it includes 4 mini-figs
  • the lego ideas logo
  • many black and white pieces
  • many tiles 
  • two big plates 

If you like it please press the support button. I am open to suggestions for my model. If you would like to see my other models, click the links below: 

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Thank you for reading and happy building!

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