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Festus The Bronze Dragon

     The subject of this set is a bronze dragon named Festus (meaning "happy" in Greek) from the book The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan. The Festus model is on a display stand designed to look like the workshop he was built in. His front right leg is on a jack, which operates on a working lever, so it can actually be raised. The top of his head can be removed as well to reveal Festus's control disk. Behind that is another plate that can be removed to show the inner workings. and behind that is the last compartment, holding the Physician's Cure syringe and a sextant. Festus's wings, tail, legs, and head are all posable, and there are the aforementioned compartments.

     About the stand. The stand in this set is modeled off of Bunker 9, and has many details. There is a forge area, with a forge, a collapsed shelf of metal bits, and an anvil. Then there is the bulletin board with 3 blueprints, and next to that several crates. On the other side of the board is a spilled bucket, a worktable with several... interesting projects on it, and racks of weapons/ tools. Between the forge and bulletin board areas is a generator gizmo that, when the large gear on top is turned, after several other gears, an axel turns, then a beam, which is connected to a piston, which pumps when the original large gear turns.

     I built this set because I had built a similar one before, but that one got completely razed, so I took those pieces and made this one. I believe this would make a great set because it and the book it is from are so well known.

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