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Veterinary Modular-city

Hello, this is my interpretation of an LEGO Veterinary for the modulare houses. All of the floors are complete with interior. In the 1st floor there is an toilet and the medical practise. In the 2nd floor is an library and an kitchen and in the 3rd floor has the bedroom. It is builded in the victorian architectual style with an copper roof.
The Building had 2217 parts and got an price rang about 170 €uro/Dollar .
Please Support me..

You can see the Doctor with an poodle and the customers with there pets , behind the white door is the Restroom.

2nd floor. library with an old men is reading in his armchair. The wife is cooking in the kitchen.

3rd floor with a cat near the stairs. Bedroom in the back and a terrace with sunshade.

view from the Backyard

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