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Airship Dock


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Everyone knows that if they had their choice in air travel they would always pick an airship over an airplane.


This set includes:

  • two airships (small and medium)
  • 5 minfig "air-rascals"
  • dock for the ships to refuel and gather supplies at

Traditionally airships are either primitively powered by hot air balloons and wind sails, or they are space aged and are powered by some kind of sci-fi hover boosters. This set finds the happy medium replacing hot air balloons with giant mechanical engines that propel the ships upwards and forwards. 

Special features

  • Both ships' engines have a rotating feature activated by spinning the rear exhaust cone.
  • Both ships' wings can be adjusted to virtually any angle to simulate the direction you want it to be flying. Wings also fold upwards for when a water landing is necessary
  • The medium airship has a bomb-bay door that opens to drop two barrels filled with your choice of dynamite, loot, or fresh baked croissants. Door is activated by pulling back on the rear propeller.
  • The medium airship has two twin cannons mounted on each side that can be angled up or down. 

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