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Lego Pizzeria


Hello, my name is BrickConductor. Thank you for viewing this project!

This semi-modular pizzeria has many features:

-Removable roof

-Full interior detail

-Exterior “snot” detail

-Outdoor eating area

-Trash cans


Inside you will find a quaint waiting area with a small lamp, a table, and a newspaper. A poster hanging above the couch completes the look. On the other side of the room, a soda machine sits beside  trash can #1 and a clock. The two white tiles by the ordering window represent menus. Inside the kitchen area is a pizza oven, complete with fire elements, an opening door, and a rack to hold pizzas. There is also a sink, cabinets, a stove, a counter, meat elements, and more. 

Outside you will find 2 tables which utilize upsidown train wheels. The chairs are custom made with bionicle spike pieces as armrests.

On the roof is a chimney for the pizza oven and random power/AC details. The roof is held on with gravity; no studs here! It is so smooth to take off and pur back on. I have memories of trying to easily move the floors on the “Grand Emporium” lego set, and they weren’t quite so nice.

More specs:

-Estimated 1500 pieces

-Dimensions: 32x32 studs, 10 bricks high (Not including chimney - it is about 13 bricks high)


Final Thoughts

I think it has been far too long without a realy nice pizzeria in lego- the best ones usually are open at the back. Sure the pizza truck was nice, but it just wasn’t enough. Pizza rules, and so does lego. When the two are combined it should result in somthing amazing! This model almost fits with the modular buildings... Almost. It lacks the technic pins to lock it in place, but could easily be modified to have them.

thanks again for your time!


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