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Kässbohrer PistenBully 600W

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Hello LEGO friends

I present you the Kässbohrer PistenBully 600W, top of the range of the well-known alpine ski slope preparation machines.

This edit is a major update, in which I:
  • Added the wincharm (so it now is a PistenBully 600W)
  • Replaced the Power Functions parts with (a reproduction of) the Powered Up parts
  • Added reversing gears to mechanism for actuating the pusher blade side panels, and to winch, so that the M-motor can always rotate in the same direction
  • Added the pneumatic tubes to the digital model

The model reproduced in LEGO Technic is true to scale 1:16 and contains 2330 parts.
This model is designed with playability in mind and is 100% my own design. For example, the construction is sturdy and the battery box is easily accessible.

The model has many functions.
Two L-motors, each drives one track, remotely controlled.
One M-motor powers the other functions:
  • Tiller rotation (permanently driven)
  • Reel to extend/retract winch cable (both directions are controlled with red selector on platform)
  • Pusher blade side panels to make the pusher blade wider/narrower (both directions are controlled with yellow selector in cabin)
  • Double compressor (red on/off selector in cabin)

That brings us to the pneumatic functions:
  • Pusher blade up/down
  • Pusher blade swivel
  • Tiller up/down
  • Side finishers deploy/retract

The remaining functions are manual:
  • Cabin can be tilted forward and locked in normal position by levers under the engine cover
  • Wincharm can rotate, with added friction
  • Tiller can swivel freely so it follows the vehicle's path

The model uses stickers on a couple of panels, liftarms and tiles:
  • 'PistenBully 600' branding on left and right doors
  • 'PistenBully' branding on left and right tiller covers
  • '4.6+' branding on left and right winch reel covers
  • Kässbohrer logo up front
  • Rear view mirrors
  • Centre console monitor
  • Labels for the 3 selectors

Finally, the model uses one part in a new colour:
  • 2x2 round plate in trans-orange for the warning lights on the roof (2x)

Some remarks on the pneumatics:
  • Adding the pneumatic tubing to the digital model is quite some work. That's why they were missing in the initial submission.
  • The pneumatic tube that runs to the rear doesn't quite follow the right path, but I couldn't get it right. It should go through the space between the battery box and the M-motor.
  • You may have noticed that the lower connector of the two pneumatic cylinders used to swivel the pusher blade are not connected. This is intended. Since, for symmetry, I used a pneumatic cylinder on both sides, they only needed to pull on either side.
  • One compressor feeds the front functions and the other compressor feeds the rear functions
  • You may have noticed that one compressor has a black lower section and the other has not. They are actually the same, and should both have the lower section in black, but digitally, the extended version was only available with the lower section in the same colour as the rest of the cylinder.
  • The large pneumatic cylinder was only available in retracted position, that is why they are not connected to the foreseen pins. Also, for the pneumatic cylinders used to swivel the pusher blade, the piston needs to be rotated 90°.

I hope you like it. If so, thank you for your support!
Suggestions are most welcome.

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