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Sam's Sub Shop: Modular


Welcome to Sam's Sub Shop!

At first I tried to wright a long and whimsical story of why I was inspired to build this, and why I think it would be a great set, but instead I just decided to let you judge for yourself. In keeping with that sentiment, here's a technical description:

Located on the first floor is the restaurant portion of the building, complete with a detailed restroom and kitchen. The second floor is where Sam lives when he's not working downstairs making sandwiches. Up on the roof is a bamboo forest, an outdoor solar shower, a dining table, and a garden. All the floors separate for easy access. This model is built on a 32x32 baseplate and has in excess of two thousand pieces. This is a greatly improved version of another sub shop I submitted to Lego Ideas a while ago.

I will gladly answer any questions in the comments.

Thank you and please support, Trilbydude.

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