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Theater From the Muppet Show

What would a city be without theater? With a rail connection, Kermit and Gonzo the Great can drive directly to the front door.
From a distance you can see the heads of the diva Miss Piggy and Gonzo the Great. They are oversized at the top of the house.
The cloakroom and cash register are downstairs in the building.

In the middle, Gonzo the Great tries to wrestle with a 6 pound red brick.
It's already the second round. The first round clearly went to the bricks in the second season.
Next to it, Camilla and her chicken choir sing the song: My grandma's going biking with the chickens.

Above, Annie Sue sings the song: You put a piece of carbon paper under your heart. I grabbed the copy of your love. I ask myself in pain and agony who has the original. Sue is accompanied by Dr. Teeth on the electric organ. And next to it you can see Lew Zealand with his boomerang fish act.

The Muppet House is a great addition to your Lego city.

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