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Hello everyone,

Today I share a new idea. This idea came after a personal event. Little by little I am learning to live with it and I think there is nothing better than play for children to learn, understand and accept others or things that may affect them.
After having played my imagination again, here is a small wheelchair that would allow everyone concerned with a disability or not to play and have fun.
From a rating it can be hard for a child with a disability to understand what happens to him and as always to feel at that place in the middle of a crowd.
As well, take the time to explain to others why everyone is different. Lego allows us to play but also to imagine, to create, so it is a very good way to learn and those from the youngest ages.
This little chair could very well be in a hospital or the person could create his own chair or in a school as a symbol of inclusion to share, discuss and understand.

We have the opportunity to bring smiles, joy and laughter with a simple game.

Together, we can build an inclusive future, brick by brick.

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