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Camp Half-Blood from Percy Jackson

This is my first project on LEGO Cuusoo, so I proudly introduce the Camp Half-Blood LEGO serise! I don't have all of the sets I want in mind, by that I mean actually built out in LEGO because I'm running out of bricks, but this is what I have so far.

Some set ideas for this serise include the Cabins, which means all the cabins from Zeus to Hades, but none of the minor gods cabins because I have no idea what they look like. The picture above me has the Athena Cabin, the Ares Cabin, a chariot in the middle, then the Apollo Cabin, and the Poseidon Cabin. I also have the Demeter Cabin bulit, but it's somewhere down under this giant blurb, so you know what that's going to look like. The Zeus, Hera, Hermes, Dionysus, and Artemis Cabins are going to look like how they are drawn in the one picture from the Ultimate Guide. The other Cabins, the Aphrodite, Hephaestus, and Hades are going to be from how Rick Riordan described them, because to me, the one picture in the Ultimate Guide didn't look anytihng like how Rick had described them.

The inside of most of the cabins are mostly bunk beds for most of the campers except for the Poseidon and Athena cabins. In the Poseidon cabin you have the fountian Percy's dad gave to him. In the Athena cabin I split the cabin into two rooms, one room being filled with bunks beds made designed after the bunk beds in the Burrow, but i tried to make them sturdier, and in the other room was filled wiht blue prints and tables for the Athena kids to work at.

Other places at Camp Half-Blood in which I would add to the serise would be the Big House, three floors, the first floor being the meeting room where the cabin counselors meet to discuss what's happening, wiht Semour, the living leopard haed over the fireplace. The second floor would be the infirmary and Chirion's room, filled wiht his pictures of famous campers and old records, along wiht his magical wheelchair. The third and final floor would be the attic, filled with magical objects and the old oracle mummy. The Big House would also have the porch in the front with room for Mr. D to play pincoly with terrified satyrs.

Another set, or couple, would Zeus' Fist with the entrance to the Labyrinth, Thalia's Pine with the magical guard dragon and Golden Fleece, and Pegasus Stables with Blackjack and all of his pegasus friends.

And we wouldn't want to forget Bunker 9, because yes, even though it's from Heroes of Olympus it's still part of Camp Half-Blood. The Bunker would come with Leo, Festus of coarse and everyone's favorite magical table Buford! Now how would LEGO be able to get Buford to get his legs to move . . . . But also, Bunker 9 should come with a fully finished Argo 2, because that would be awesome.

The picture above from left to right are the Demeter, Ares and Apollo cabins. Inside are just bunks because I can't put anything else inside them! If you pay close attention to the Ares Cabin, you'll notice that the boar head is actually a minotaur head!

Here we have the insides of the Athena and the Poseidon Cabins. The Athena Cabin on the left is seperated into two rooms, the work room, which is filled with blue prints and spaces to work at. The room next to it is filled wiht bunk beds designed after the ones in the Burrow, though I changed them so they could be stronger than the other ones. In the Poseidon cabin you can see the fountain Poseiodn gave Percy and some more bunk beds, butnot like the ones in the Burrow.

In here, you can see half of Annabeth Chase with her knife, next to her is Percy Jackosn with his sword Riptide and his sheild. Next to Percy is his best friend Grover, who is sadly yellow, but if this becomes a LEGO set, I hope LEGO makes him pink like everyone else. Next to Grover is Thalia Grace not in tree form, and next to her are Travis and Connor Stoll, in order.

From left to right we have Clarisse la Rue with her electric spear maimer (lamer), then Luke Castellan, Nico di Angelo, and finally a minotaur thanks to LEGO Minifigures. In the background is a chariot from Sea of Monsters.

These are all of the minifigures I have right now because I'm both running out of bodies, hair and pink heads. But, they are defanitly goign to be more minifigures like Silena Beauregard, Charles Beckendorf, Tyson, Chiron, Mr. D, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Jason Grace, Piper McLean, Leo Valdez, Coach Hedge, and even though they go to Camp Jupiter, Frank Zhang and Hazel Leserque. There would also be other extra minifigures as demigods to fill up the other cabins. They're like the red shirts from Star Trek, they always die first in place of the main characters. We would also need Mrs. O'Leary, because she's awesome, and LEGO will have quiet a task to making the giant black dog.

I would love it if you would vote for my idea, so please, do vote for me!

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