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Steamtrains, BR 96 Mallet



From childhood on I played with LEGO Bricks and could made a lot of experience and also of the history (design and development of LEGO System) during this time. All such good experience I made with LEGO System have effected that right now I made the building with the LEGO Bricks and System to my major hobby to have a reasonable activity during my retirement. Furtermore, I have now the change to transfer my experience to my grandchildren smoothly. My focus which I have regarding type of models are the building of Steam  Locomotives according to photos which are available in the free internet network. Of course such models are built in a scale (ca 1:40/45) suitable to the scale of the LEGO Train and Rail system. All models are equipped and controlles with the LEGO Power Function System.

At first, I would like present the German Mallet Locomotive BR 96 (Blue Bavaria).

The Model is electrical driven with only one motor using a vertical gear with force transfer to four wheels horizontal wise and is controlled with the LEGO Power Function System. LED`s are installed in front and backside. The dimension of the Model is nearly to the scale 1:40/45, the baseframe as well as the vessel is designed in the width of six (6) pins/nep, the drivers cab and the coke bunker is designed in the width of seven (7) pins/nep, the water tanks and few accessories are designed in the width of about eight (8) pins/nep.

I hope that a lot of LEGO fans will follow my recommendation that LEGO should start to manufacture /built such models.

In the near future I intend to present more of my models e.g. a BIG BOY, BR53-003, BR 01, BR 41, BR 52, BR 93 , BR 80 (Knapsack).

Have a nice time with the best regards






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