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Charlie Brown: the Great Pumpkin


"It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" Based on the 1966 Peanuts Cartoon, this Halloween-themed project displays Linus's hopeless awaiting in a pumpkin patch for the arrival of the Great Pumpkin. This is one of the most famous Charlie Brown stories, and I hope I have done it justice in this LEGO adaptation. 

Included in this set:

-3 Small Pumpkins

-1 Midi-sized Pumpkin

-1 Large Pumpkin

-Linus's "Welcome Great Pumpkin" Sign


-Linus van Pelt

-Charlie Brown (Ghost Costume)

-Sally Brown

This pumpkin patch is divided into 3 sections, with 5 pumpkins in total.

Linus's blanket is actually a light blue croissant piece (33125), to simulate a rolled up blanket. Charlie Brown has a rock in his hand, as he received only rocks in his candy bag while trick-or-treating. Charlie Brown's ghost costume is full of holes as it appears in the film ("I had a little trouble with the scissors"). Printed on the back of Charlie Brown's head is the Jack-o-lantern pattern that Violet drew as a model for Lucy's pumpkin in the film. The eyes and mouth of the Jack-o-lantern side of the head line up perfectly with the eyes and mouth of the ghost shroud, so the user need only turn Charlie Brown's head around to have a great looking ghost costume. 

Sally was very difficult to make, as her hair is very abstract, but I am satisfied with the hairpiece I chose. Sally has a dual sided face, one side being a happy face and one being an angry-looking face ("What a fool I was!").

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