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Country Store

I present to you my New England styled Country Store! This LEGO creation is a perfect display set for when the autumn months of the year roll around, or whenever you’d like!

Why I built this set:

I created this LEGO set because when I think of the autumn season, I think of a New England styled setting with fall colored trees and a creek running by. I added a Country Store because every time I drive by, I always stop to see what they have in store. I also added a covered bridge because they give me memories from past fall seasons and my trip through the Infamous New England covered bridges.

Cozy Features:

My creation has an abundance of features that are amazing for displaying and for fun!
When displaying my LEGO creation, the details are what really brings the set to life. There are many animals scattered throughout, including; a squirrel, dog, cat, otter, ducks, crawdads, chicken, and other kinds of birds! There are many leaves scattered on the ground that have fallen from the tree in the back corner. The roof of the covered bridge is detachable for easier access. The waterwheel spins around as it would in real life. On the inside, the upstairs represents the country store owner’s sleeping quarters, along with his dining area and kitchen. The middle level is where he stores his apples to take on deliveries. The bottom level is the main part of the store with many goodies and gifts. The farmer’s truck sits outside and can be driven across the covered bridge! The creek is my favorite part, as it runs under the bridge and is home to many friendly creatures. 

About this project:

My project comes out to 1,814 pieces and has 2 minifigures. The minifigures consist of a troll that lives under the Country Store and the farmer that owns the Country Store. The Country Store I have created represents the autumn season in New England!

Why make my creation come to life?

This would be a great LEGO set to make because it would bring a New England styled feel to the homes of many around the world! I believe New England is one of the best places to spend the autumn months before winter arrives, and I hope this set can bring a little of that to its fansMy project would be welcomed as a fall, Halloween, or New England styled set to be displayed for the fall season. My creation presented to you will capture the hearts of fans with generations to come!

Please help out my LEGO creation and hit the support button! I appreciate all the love, and together we can make this set become the real deal!

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