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South BBQ


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South BBQ is supposed to be a gathering place for everyone in the neighborhood. Where you can hang out with friends, and grab a great sandwich too!

The first floor is the restaurant, with high tables that have stools, and a big corner booth for seating. There is also an oven with fresh bread being made. There is a large grill to prepare the meat and even a window to see between the kitchen and dining room. Another feature of the restaurant is the drinks cooler with three different kinds of soda, as well as bottled water.

The second floor is an apartment. It has a small bed... alcove. (not really a full room) a nice, large couch, a fireplace (with vent outside), a gaming console, and a TV, as well as a kitchen.

On the third floor, there is another apartment, but this one is bigger. It has a larger bed and a couch (with coffee table), and a kitchen with an island. There is also a nice, big closet (or pantry) with the mailbox in the wall. (Don't ask, it was a logistical/spatial nightmare).

There are also 9 minifigures included. (Some of which are based off of myself and my friends).

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