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Brick City Tennis Stadium


Get your tickets to the main tennis event in Brick City, the BC Open at the Brick City Tennis Stadium!

This tennis stadium is a perfect addition to your Lego City. It stands over a 64 x 56 studs (50 cm x 45 cm) baseplate area. Give a sports style to your city!

1. Outside:
- 6 entrance for the stands
- 1 entrance for VIP Zone
- 1 entrance for players’ dressing room
- Decorating flags

2. The field:
- “Clay” field built with orange tiles
- 2 player benches, each one includes 1 tennis racquet, 2 balls and sports drink bottle
- 1 Chronometer and serve speed indicator.
-1 judge seat
-Tunnel Entrance for the players’ dressing room

3. Stands:
- Dark green stands with white circulation stairs
- Special area for wheelchair minifigures

4. VIP Zone:

- First Floor: Hospitality Lounge which includes living room, food and soft drinks and a great view of the match!
- Second Floor: Three Boxes with a capacity up to 4 minifigures each one (This section can be removed to see the first floor (Like Modular building works)
- Outside Garden with a table and seats

5. Minifigures:

I have used generic minifigures, but if this is a set, this will be the list:
- 2 players
- 1 judge
- At least 10 spectators


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