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BTTF Mini Delorean


I was thrilled when m. togami’s BTTF Delorean became a real Lego set and I have been trying to think of a good idea for a  Back to the Future project ever since.  I finally decided to make a miniature Delorean.  This was no easy task, but I used the full-scale set as my model and went straight to work.

For a while, the only part of it that I had built was the front end of the car.  I felt like giving up, but luckily I found some new pieces to attach the wheels to. 

Then, I added a bumper with the “OUTATIME” license plate to the back.  I was then faced by another difficult task of building the Delorean, the engines in the back.  I tried several different building techniques until I finally got it right.

All I had to do after that was add some smooth plates to the front, put in rear-view mirrors, add a steering wheel, and, of course, put Marty McFly behind the wheel of this classic car. 

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