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Medium Cargo Plane


LEGO has created several cargo airplanes. Some bigger (like models 7734 and 60022) and some smaller (model 60101), but there was no medium size. So I decided to create one.

My concept of a LEGO set is to have one cargo airplane, a forklift and cargo to load, transport and unload. The plane has to be with a medium size (size between models 60022 and 60101), with modern look (stream lines and jet engines) and almost full access to all the cargo space. The forklift has to be of a minimal size and low centre of gravity. The cargo has to be diverse and has to be mounted on pallets that fit in the cargo space of the plane.

After thinking and working with some real test models (that I have build), finally I managed to create the LEGO set that I wanted. A set that contains a medium size cargo plane, a forklift, two figures and two pallets with cargo on them, that can be loaded or unloaded on the plane either through the side hatch, or from the back of the plane, which in fact is done by opening of two parts - the rear hatch and the tail.

I think that this LEGO set gives the opportunity to possess a bigger airplane with two options to access the cargo space of the vehicle and to have fun by loading, transporting and unloading the cargo with the forklift.

And all this created from 316 bricks!




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