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BEETLEJUICE : Waiting Room

Adam and Barbara Maitland find happiness in their pretty home when a traffic accident sends them into another world. Having become ghosts, they come back to haunt their home. However, their calm is soon disturbed by the arrival of the new owners, a family of eccentric and noisy bourgeois New Yorkers. Adam and Barbara have every intention of getting them out.


The film is filled with memorable moments, but one moment that really stands out is the waiting room scene.

Adam and Barbara arrive in the waiting room after following the Handbook's emergency instructions for the recently deceased.
This place is a waiting room for ghosts after they die and disappear.

This set is in 2 parts. An "attic" part with several elements of the film such as the beetlejuice TV Advertisment, the model of Adam as well as the entrance to the wainting room for the second 2nd part of the set.
In the wainting room, there are certain deceased or missing characters but also an office guarded by a civil servant (also deceased).
For this project, there are 758 pieces

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