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The Snack Cart

Step right up to the Snack Cart.

Nothing makes for a great day in the park quite like a treat from a Snack Cart! This recreation of a classic New York City Parks Snack Cart has all your favorites available, from hot dogs and pretzels to sodas and ice pops (there might even be some roasted nuts somewhere).

We were inspired to build this by the carts that add a cheerful pop of color to New York City Parks. We also love LEGO City builds and enjoy collecting and playing with the many small vehicles. This seems like a perfect addition to that world of play!

Custom-designed stickers give an additional layer of fun to this set, using real LEGO pieces to recreate familiar signs and graphics.

This build is a collaborative effort between Negron & Gitto (Gitto Negron Workshop). We are a husband and wife team who enjoy both building real LEGO sets and digitally designing MOCs together. We both consent to the submission of our collective efforts represented in this set.

Thank you in advance for your support!

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