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“Built with over 118 islands, Venice, or the ‘City of Canals’, is one of the most picturesque and recognizable cities in the world. It is known for its waterways, beautiful architecture, and tiny backstreets making it one of the world's most popular tourist destinations.”

Hi everyone! It's been a really long time. Since my last project, I had two scrapped ideas and a lot more homework. I'm really sorry I haven't uploaded in a while and I hope this build exceeds expectations.

I’ve always loved the unique architecture and travel style of Venice and was so happy that I got to make Venice with LEGO! I tried to incorporate as many LEGO techniques as possible into the build, I hope they turned out well!

This build has 2993 pieces and was made on

The Build:
  • The buildings were meant to represent some of the most common buildings you would see in Venice. I tried to do a different style for each as you can see through the door, window, and chimney. What remains consistent is supposed to be the pyramid-shaped roofs and the discoloring on the side of the buildings. I love the way that each building looks, and I hope you do too!
  • The minifigures contain a gondolier, two locals, a musician, and a tourist. I tried to make each one very distinct and have its own story.
  • The interior of the building contains two different types of bedrooms, a table that uses a technique I'm really proud of, and an indoor pier.  
  • The shape of the buildings was meant to look like it was shaped to the flow of the canal. If you look at the top view you can see that some of the buildings are at an angle. I love this and since my London Underground, I love placing buildings diagonally.

Thank you, and please support!

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